XCS Events 2017

Xavier's Commerce Society

"XCS holds a plethora of events testing the students in a variety of business sectors. We also hold seminars which provide an in-depth knowledge of the functioning of different corporate houses."

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Innovision is the society’s first event for the academic year, is a week-long session, consisting of various career oriented seminars conducted by a number of eminent personalities and institutions, which assist students to sharpen their skills thereby aiding their personal and professional growth. This year had 13 seminars and workshops from TCC, Swiggy, EY, ToastMasters, Aswini Bajaj, and BSE Institute to name a few.

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Inception is one of the premier events, designed exclusively for the first year students of St. Xavier’s College. It is a two-day event hosting a series of challenging and promising rounds based on marketing, human resource, finance, and crisis management followed by Personal Interviews.

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One of the biggest events, X-Calibre is the intra-college management festival of the Society. The two-day event puts the students through a rigorous test of corporate skills, as they display their calibre in tackling tough situations, whilst competing against the very best in the college. Events such as Best Manager, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Human Resource, Public Relations, Supply Chain Management, B-Quiz, and Finance, to name a few are among those organised.

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Working with the vision of the holistic development of each student, the Xavier’s Commerce Society organises visits to the factories of renowned companies, so that the students can understand the magnitude of work that goes on behind the scenes. Taking education beyond the classroom, X-Pedition aims to provide the students with an insight into reality.

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Intelligentsia is the annual panel discussion of the Xavier's Commerce Society, where we aim to bring together eminent personalities from all across the country. The event features an interactive discussion on pertinent issues with other esteemed panelists and the students of St Xavier's College, Kolkata. Intelligentsia also features the launch of the society’s annual journal, Youthink.

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Youthink is the annual journal of the Commerce Department of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. Youthink publishes notable articles of students and professors, and interviews of luminaries from India and abroad. Youthink also has the distinction of having its very own ISSN ID [2347-6222], which makes it an internationally recognised journal. The theme for Youthink this year is “Transcendence”. Transcendence essentially refers to surpassing the ordinary and going beyond the usual limits. The idea of transcending boundaries, both visible and otherwise, is intrinsic to human nature and lies at the root of man's evolution from ignorance to erudition.

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In February 2017, Insignia raised the bar by going international. It provided a platform to undergraduate students around the world to display their business acumen. Two new events, ‘Portfolio Management’ and ‘Online Treasure Hunt’ alongside six events like Best Manager, B-Quiz, B-Plan, Public Relations, and Human Resource, among others, were held. The events witnessed record registrations yet another time.


Insignia, the annual management festival of St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata aims to provide an international level platform to the youth of today who aim to step into the shoes of high-profile corporates. The three day festival hones the skills of the participants by putting them through rigorous situations. The fest gives them a chance to carve out a niche in the corporate domain.

The colleges that have been a part of Insignia in the past years include Shri Ram College of Commerce (Delhi), Lady Shri Ram College (Delhi), Christ University (Bangalore), Loyola College (Chennai), Symbiosis College (Pune) among others.


The inaugural edition of Insignia Corporate Prodigy was held in February 2018. A management simulation, designed exclusively for the high school students, the event is a scintillating test of strategy, financial acumen and initiative. Giving the high school students a golden opportunity, Corporate Prodigy aims to provide them with an insight into the corporate world while exposing them to the core business domain. The one day event saw participation from eminent schools across the country.


The Xavier's Commerce Society in association with Futures First, had organised Fintusion, a dynamic workshop cum competition based on the global financial markets, trading, and market analysis. Fintusion helped budding financial managers improve their financial acumen and analytical skills, learn collectively in an interactive environment, and win valuable prizes.